Changing How We Live in the 21st Centrury

| December 8, 2013

I had a revelation today about the change. It is very difficult to switch directions once you set on a particular course, but it is possible. As I watched a martial arts movie about the late great win chun master Yip “IP” Man, I was reminded that it is possible. IN the movie the young version of IP Man would be taught that change is possible.

“…that doesn’t mean change is forbidden, change allows flexibility and that allows movement to be adapted. In this (change), that allows for new techniques. Giving us an arsenal….”

I was watching a live national broadcast of an NFL game on Fox when I was watching a Exxon commercial. In the commercial they posited that the world is perpetuated and progressed through our use and development in the use of petroleum products. We use petroleum to make plastics of all kinds and apparently in the construction of various instruments in medical arts. I started to be so amazed at how dependent we are on these technologies. Petroleum, Oil controls the world economy. In order for us to break free from oil’s grip we must start to develop or use other materials to do everyday tasks.

How do we change how we live in the 21st century when we are still dependent on 20th century approaches to life. Its very important that we stop living in the shadow of former ideas and move forward to more contemporary ideas. Change is not easy but can be instituted through flexible and innovative approaches as well as ignoring authentic versus inauthentic arguments.