Growing Awareness…

| September 22, 2013

Are you aware…..

There is this growing awareness that is unraveling inside of me. I am excited to know more, and experience new things. However, I am more interested in become more aware of the world and its movements, changes, developments, etc. This eye opening time period in my life is more about sensing and seeing with more than my eyes, hearing with more than my mere ears, and feeling with more than my hands. I am dedicating myself to the freeing of my mind from the material constraints of this world and its inhabitants. To become unglued from the sticking place of normality, and seek a bigger view of life, reality and existence. To be here, in this place called earth, is wonderful, but to be here among all the beautiful things while being free to enjoy them is way better.

I have read a couple really great articles in the last couple of weeks by some really wonderful brilliant people like; W.E.B. Du Bois, John Dewey, Maxine Greene, Cornell West. They have not directly written about “Awareness” in any of their articles or writings, but the topic permeates through all of their works as a single thread connecting them all. I see the lack of this awareness in my daily life, whether around PhD’s or regular old me’s, this constant lack of “Awareness.” It started to scare me at first to think that there were people that weren’t consciously evaluating the situation at all times. Some people cover this topic by discussing “Critical Thinking,” which I believe is merely a tool in preparing you for this awareness that I speak of.

I am currently pulling all of my thoughts together to form a correct and fundamental understanding of what this “Awareness” means to my life directly and what its implications are to the world. Its hard for me to believe that there aren’t tons of philosophical articles all ready about the type of awareness I speak of. I’m not just talking about remembering what color of the cashier’s shirt was, or whether or not you turned off the oven. Its more about understanding of the connections happening all day long in your life and actual enjoying the building and cumulative deposit of connections that you are being creating through this process.  Its like the best peripheral vision ever, and actually can help you survive many more life threatening experiences than your mere sight will ever allow.

That’s enough for now, and back to your regularly scheduled TV show…..(white noise…fades out)