| March 24, 2014

Never get too old to IMAGINE all of the possibilities out there in life. It is oh so important to not just be creativity, which is in my opinion merely a by-product of the imaginative process, BUT more importantly take time to think about what could be and what isn’t.

the imagination is a wonderful thing that God has imparted on all of us. It is a muscle that simply needs to be worked and exercised in a unconventional way. It needs time and opportunity to grow. I admire people such as Plato, Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Cornell West, Maxine Greene and many others that have taken a moment out of their busy lives to imagine the infinity possibilities out there and to translate them into words, phrases and utterances (like imagination legend to our individual dream map)so that we could all try to tackle our own understandings of what life, exist and the infinite possibilities for it that exist , mean to us.

The imagination will ultimately lead everyone involved in its use to creation. Creation, of the multitude of things that arise out of the conflict between your traditions and your innovations. This social disruption, between what we are enculturated to understand as the limits or structure upon which to build our reality “lived worlds”, and that of the innovation that arises out of the imagination. The clashing of these two things are what allows me to know that I am ALIVE. Its like a dissonance in the music. At first it bothers and offends until we can appreciate its quality and affect on us. You are attracted to it through repulsion at first and then later as something that you relish and savor. Its like the playing of John Coltrane. At first I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but knew that through my repulsion, I felt something I had never felt before in my musical understanding and listening, distaste..dislike, and above all uncomfortable.

Comfort is what we usually long for in our existence. It allows time to recuperate and feel like we are part of the “in-group” as social psychologist Alfred Schuetz would say. It delivers us from the dread of being other. Being uncomfortable, and ultimately out of place in the shared reality we live in. Imagination really helps break down those barriers we create in our minds to help shield us from this uncomfortableness.

So, kiddies take a moment out right now…where ever you all are and IMAGINE… its free and doesn’t cost a thing. God bless you all