Professor Vanessa Siddle Walker’s talk on “Historical Resistance Strategies” on October 2 at 6pm.

| September 9, 2014

The 2014 Edmund Gordon lecture, whether you can join us for the earlier conference events or not. Professor Vanessa Siddle Walker of Emory University, possibly best known to you as author of Their Highest Potential: An African American School Community in the Segregated South, and the 2012 Brown lecture at AERA, “Black Educators as Educational Advocates in the Decades Before Brown v. Board of Education,” reprinted in Educational Researcher in 2013. Her lecture will be titled “Continuing Problems and Forgotten Solutions: Resurrecting the Historical Resistance Strategies of Southern African American School Leaders.” The registration link for the lecture is here (and please note that if you’re attending both, you do need to register for both).